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FB EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/Shabbaclub/events

51beats presents:
@ Shabba, Cantù (CO) via Milano 127/b
Fri.14_Feb_2014 | h.23/04
www.51beats.net – www.shabba.it

Tonight will perform:

- Marcio Mcfly + Giovanni Napoli | modular live.set
- Flavio Scutti | live.set
- Plasman | live.set
- Dvpolo + iFrom | dj.set

We are the synchronizers | Send messages through time code | Midi clock rings in my mind | Machines gave me some freedom
Synthesizers gave me some wings | They drop me through twelve bit samplers | We are electronic performers | We are electronics
We need to use envelope filters | To say how we feel | Riding on magnetic waves | We search new programs for your pleasure
I want to patch my soul on your brain | B.P.M. supposed to control your heartbeats | We are the synchronizers | We are electronic performers
(Air “Electronic Performers”)

Ingresso: 5€ con consumazione.
tessera 2014: 5€
51beats ha presentato il proprio progetto MAMA: Metodologie abilitanti per la Musica ad Edison Start (http://www.edisonstart.it/idee/mama-metodologie-abilitanti-la-musica)

51beats partecipa a Club 2.0 Social Art Center con eventi e workshop – presto info sulla prossima location di 51beatsLAB.


Marcio è un’artista eclettivo che gioca un ruolo fondamentale all’interno di 51beats, con la sua musica e le sue idee. McFly fa un uso intelligente delle sue macchine analogiche: sintetizzatori, drum machines, etc…, per una sperimentazione mai esausta di patterns complessi, strutture e suoni nuovi, cardini del suo progetto electro-techno-pop da solista sotto lo pseudonimo “Marcio McFly”. Nel 2009 Marcio da vita al progetto “I CANI”–>dopo divenuto “CANI GIGANTI”.

Inedito duo allo Shabba con Giovanni Napoli. Solo Modulari e cavi. Spazio alla creazione del suono e all’improvvisazione.


video: http://www.51beats.net/index.php/release/show_video/119


Flavio Scutti is a producer of video and sound digital art. He started to be interested in computer graphics as a teenager, when he bought a Commodore Amiga. Since 1995 he’s leading researches about new and experimental audio-visual languages, through the study of electronic systems.
In 2002 his works have been showcased at MACRO, Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome.
In 2004 he graduated in Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.
Between 2002-2004 Flavio partecipated to “Pink, Red, Black sweater Project”, with whom released two works, one audio, “Four Tone”, and one video, “Elementare Drive”.
In 2006 a track of him has been included in the chiptune music compilation called “BIT BEAT” by to lose la track. Keen on the world of 8bit arts, Flavio Scutti is member of MicRoma and collaborates with other international collectives organizing promotional events.
In 2007 he made sounds for the visual performance mammam at Palazzo delle Esposizioni.
He founded the synth pop duo band le ROSE.
Postosegreto is the production agency started in 2011 together with Andrea Noce, half of le ROSE.
In 2012 was present in a collective video installation curated by Dumb Eyes Creative Director, Christian Petersen at Lawrence Loft in Seattle.
In June performed “Neutrini” a sound scapes work on the subnuclear particles at The Format Contemporary Culture Gallery in Milan.
In 2013 he begins to work in a collective art project CUPCAKE / SPAMM curated by ELLECTRA RADIKAL and MICHAËL BORRAS A.K.A SYSTAIME
In February was present in exhibition CUPCAKE IN NYC on 168 corner of Bowery & Kenmare NYC on the invitation of Mark Brown.
In April he curated an Internet art exhibition Revelation Group (Cableway)
In May was present at KEIN THEMA 23 No.3 (International Glitch Net Digital Art Festival) curated by Silke Zil Kuhar and Zoy Winterstein at Zentrifuge auf AEG, Nürnberg.
In June was present in !!!ACCUMULATOR!!! curated by Erica Lapadat-Janzen at Gallery 1965 in Vancouver.
In July was present in Create and Repeat: An Animated GIF Tribute to Andy Warhol on Société Perrier curated by Christian J Petersen.

video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moF2F4Dp25Y


PLASMAN, una delle menti operative della 51beats e membro dei CANI GIGANTI nel periodo 2010-2012, torna ad esibirsi live da solista. Dopo i suoi acclamati album “Pompieri in Moto” e “Futuro Anteriore”, Plasman ricostruisce la sua live performance caratterizzata da strutture “scheletriche” minimali, suoni sintetici perforanti ed un groove “rotondo” per un lavoro decisamente orentanto al dancefloor. L’ultimo ep di Plasman: “Plastico”, riflette pienamente la nuova veste artistica di Plasman.


video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qK0-cuzd3Mo

Dvpolo vs iFrom DJ.SET

Dalla crew di Optikal il dj set di chiusura serata. L’ultimo bicchiere è con loro e la loro energica techno! yo bros!


info: info@51beats.net