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Psychedelic Therapy Special Edition: ☆ Terrae Incognitae ☆ with Megalopsy!


Darkpsy // Hitech Italian Blast



(Dark Prisma Rec.)

Megalopsy is a psychedelic exploration born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2002, focused on creating musical potions designed to waken the user into awareness. Combining influences from life, nature, travels in inner and outer space, Megalopsy uses music as a tool to shape and enhance perception, exploring a wide spectrum of sound dimensions, materializing them in a psychedelic audible format, suitable for dancefloors and home-listening.

(Maniac Psycho Pro Masters of Puppets rec.NutriaDance recordsFree Radical recordsCreative Jungle rec.)

Yatzee is the psychedelic trance project of Yuri Dimitrov from Italy. Born in 1987, he started to study piano at the age of 7 and guitar at 15. In 2009 he entered in Como’s conservatory to study music technology and electroacoustic music. The project is focused on sick and futuristic sounds and high energy beats, influenced by many psytrance artists (Hallucinogen, 1200 micrograms, Cosmo, Furious, Kindzadza, The muses rapt, etc.) but also by others genres like: IDM, techno, drum and bass, dub and reggae, breakbeat and of course by electroacoustic music.

(Nutriadance rec, creative jungle rec, masters of puppets rec dopetech rec)

Brainstalker is the psychedelic experimental music project created by Giovanni Galimberti.
Giovanni has his first contact with music at the age of eleven starting as guitarist. Then he got in contact with new experimental realities and in 2010 with the psytrance movement.
He immediately became passionated about this kind of music and in 2012 he decided to create his music project. Now Brainstalker is known in the Italian and international psytrance scene. He wants to continue to communicate his vibrations and always evolve his personal style….

(Nutria Dance Records – Noise Poison Records )

Dj LoVa is Marco Lovato from Italy, he started to dancing around tek and trance dancefloor around Italy and one day he connected with the spirit of trance and he started to mixing the new wave of dark sound ten years ago with the first masters of dark : Parasense, Kindzadza, Psykovsky and other artist from Parvati label and in this ten years this wave continue the evolution and now he played only new power killa tracks from NutriaDance and NoisePoison around Italy, Europe and Asia and shared the scene with good international artist (Ajja,
Arjuna, Atriohm, Ankur, Flipknot, CTC & Pedro, Highko, Cosmo, Hyper Frequencies, Dark Whisper, Necropshyko, Kerosene Club, Malice in Wonderland, Kindzadza, Naked Tourist, Irgum Burgum, Parasense, Psymetrix, Orestis, Zik, Paolino, Govinda, Already Magged, Jelly Headz, Whicked Hayo, Sectio Aurea, Kashyyyk, Wilo Wisp, Mubali, Samadhi, Twisted Kala and Giuseppe Parvati.
He has a hyper high tech sound for morning and night depence the situation.
he opened the little label called Nutria Dance Records with his special friends two years ago


One Rule ! Just Respect !

3D Mapping e Deco by Gioppo

Contributo artistico all’ingresso: 10€ prima delle 01.00 – poi 12€
tessera acsi alla mano (in caso non l’aveste costa cinque euro e dura un anno! viene richiesta anche per altre feste qui nelle nostre zone, tornerà utile!)
ingresso riservato ai soci ACSI